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Good enough is just right

When we develop a piece of software or functionality the following is true in many cases: It does not need to be super performant, it does not need to be robust to handle every imaginable error or flexible and generic to meet any future need. The test coverage does not need to be 100% and the code does not need to be perfect. Nevertheless, as developers we are often tempted to do things that probably nobody needs, like adding “super cool features”, refactor code just for the sake of perfection or optimize performance without any need.
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Why I wouldn't use a dynamically typed language for large applications

Currently I’m developing for and maintaining a large code base that’s a mix of C++ and Python code. In this article I write about my experience about the type systems of statically typed C++ and dynamically typed Python, especially about the situations where I miss the explicit type information in dynamically typed languages. I use Python as synonym for dynamically typed languages because my experiences with python should also apply for other dynamically typed languages.
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