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Creating and using shared libraries with different compilers on different operating systems

If you want to make your C/C++ project portable between operating systems and compilers, there are some things to consider. In this article I focus on shared libraries and give a practical overview on how to create and use shared libraries with various compilers on various operating systems, with the goal of portable source code and a unified build process. “A shared library or shared object is a file that is shared by executable files and further shared objects files.
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A QT Widget for Ogre3d

I recently played around with integrating Ogre3d into a QT5 Application. There are various resources about integrating Ogre3d and QT on the net, but for me non of them worked out of the box with recent QT5 and Ogre3d on Linux. Therefore i decided to publish my working implementation of an Ogre3d Qt widget that works on my up to date ArchLinux with Qt 5.2 and Ogre 1.9.0. You can find the sources on github.
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