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How docker replaced my virtual machines and chroots

In one of my earlier posts I showed you why and how I use chroots for software development. In situations were the isolation of a chroot is not enough, I sometimes also used virtual machines. Both solutions have its pros and cons: A chroot is quite easy to setup and access with no virtualization overhead and you get native host performance. Virtualization offers very good isolation and some nice features e.
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Howto get hardware accelerated OpenGL support in Docker

I recently played around with Docker and tried to get OpenGL with hardware acceleration/direct rendering (DRI) to work. This was no big deal, but there are some things that must be considered and I want to share with you: The graphics driver in the docker container must be the same as on the host system. The X server on the host must permit connections from the docker container (this is what xhost + in run.
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