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Open source tools to examine and adjust include dependencies

In my previous post I wrote about include dependencies in general - why they matter and how to keep them at a minimum. In this article I’ll give a quick overview about the tools I evaluated and used to examine and adjust include dependencies of a large C++ project. I’ll cover some useful gcc compiler options, doxygen, cinclude2dot and the powerful include-what-you-use. GCC compiler options GCC provides some helpful options to determine/analyze include dependencies.
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Why you should care about include dependencies in C/C++ and how to keep them at a minimum

When we think of dependencies, we usually think of “logical dependencies” at first: logical relations between classes, functions etc. Object oriented design, generic programming, encapsulation, design patterns are aimed to cut this “logical dependencies”. But there are also compile time dependencies - dependencies between files and libraries at compile time. This article is on include dependencies in C/C++ what are a sort of compile time dependencies. This dependencies have a huge impact on building, refactoring, testing and on the structure of your software.
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